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Your trusted party in chartering services.

Our team is young and dynamic, intelligence is highly valued, and our heartbeats are loud. We are always ready with the right questions to better understand your business and with the answers you need. Our core focus is to turn your business into fun for all.

The world, the yet blue sphere, where life, short but worthy-to-enjoy, takes place, is our playground. Founded and still located where continents meet, in fascinating Istanbul, we have served globally since 2008.

Theory alone is when you know everything, but nothing works. Practice alone is when everything works, but no one knows why. In Green & Black we make everything work and always know why. As the most unique broker house in the logistics industry, we use the knowledge of “Why” to change the “What”.

​We carry beyond…

Experience our service and see how.

Mükremin Altuntaş

Muko, Founder & CEO


A brief history from our foundation until the present.


Green & Black’s Foundation

Green & Black Shipbrokers was founded to provide smart and efficient transportation solutions for traders, suppliers, and manufacturers worldwide in 2008.

Dubai Office Commences Operations

In 2014, to better serve our Middle Eastern clients with our agile and effective solutions, we were thrilled to launch our first international office, located in Dubai.



Rotterdam Office Launches

In response to increasing demand from our clients, we opened a Rotterdam office enabling us to better meet the needs of our customers across Europe.

Singapore Added To Our Global Office Network

To keep up with the rise of overseas projects worldwide and to cater to our clients’ growing demand, we expanded our global network of offices by launching our Singapore branch in 2022.



Green&Black Athens Launched

Our expanding presence in the cpp and dpp markets compelled us to establish a foothold in Hellas, where the freight market is currently dominated.